Monday, February 6, 2012

Paper Doll Birthday Cake

My oldest daughter, Kate, turned 7 and she wanted her theme this year for her party to be paper dolls. I loved it! That was a fantastic idea since the party decorations, favors and crafty things could all be out of paper. But when it came to the cake it was a little trickier. After days of drawing and redrawing the cake we decided on two paper dolls around a party table. Around front of the cake was a scene from a doll house.

Kate and I spent one day making all the little pieces...the lamp, pictures, rug, table and party treats. After the pieces dried we painted each item. Often I would color the gumpaste before making pieces but we wanted the give this a watercolored look, like something that was from a storybook.

We modeled the dolls after Rebbecca (American Girl) and Ana dolls. I rolled very thin gumapste and then cut out the basic shape of the dolls. I let them dry for about five days before I painted them with lemon extract and petal dust.

Kate wanted ice cream bowls with strawberry ice cream and a cherry on top. And of course she had to have a three-tiered cake! We made little silver edged plates and a doily for the cake stand to sit on.

This cake was very pretty and delicate...perfect for Kate's 7th birthday! Pin It

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