Saturday, October 27, 2012

An Icing Smile for Trace!

I don't often share much about my clients...privacy, and all that. But, one time I do feel it is important is when my little cake-eaters are referred to me through an organization called Icing Smiles. I want to first do a shout out for the people who run this amazing program and second I'd like to highlight Trace and his 4th birthday cake!

Icing Smiles is a remarkable group, who's founder acknowledges that this is her calling from God. In fact, she comments, "We are not a faith-based organization. But without my faith, we would not be an organization." I respect this position since I, too, feel compelled by God to use my passions for His Glory. Icing Smiles is a nonprofit organization that provides custom birthday cakes for families impacted by the critical illness of their child. Birthday cakes are often luxuries that a family battling illness do not have. Bakers around the United States partner with Icing Smiles to create custom cakes for these children or their siblings. This gives them temporary escape from the day to day worries and helps build memories with smiles, bringing a glimpse of normalcy to the lives of these families.

I highly recommend that you check out the Icing Smiles website, and if you are a baker in the United States, I ask you to consider volunteering with Icing Smiles. You could contribute to making wonderful birthday memories a reality for these families. infinity and beyond!

Buzz. Such a recognizable character. The enormous chin. The crazy eyebrows. The ball-and-socket arms. Then there are all the badges and buttons. I wouldn't have chosen to do a gigantic Buzz but there was a very special reason...actually a very special boy.

Trace. And he was turning four. What a miracle! To date he has had several open heart surgeries and a stroke. He is scheduled for surgery again next year. It is hard for me to imagine a childhood full of doctors and hospitals, but this boy was all smiles when I finally met him.

When Trace's mom contacted me and said Buzz Lightyear was his favorite, I really had no choice but to start craving this cake. The arms were made out of rice crispies and the rest was carved cake. That chin did prove to be a challenge!

"Space Rangers" badge on the left arm.

The "Laser Button" was a last minute decision, thankfully. Trace's mom asked him as we were walking in to get the cake..."Trace, are you excited to eat Buzz's Laser Button?"  Whew! I'm so, so, SO glad I put it on.

Isn't he adorable? Trace, that is! On his way to the car he showered me with kisses and hugs. I even got his signature "puppy dog kiss,' which, as you can imagine, was a bit too wet for me. But, I think that meant he was happy. (Insert smiley face for really did make my day!) Here he is pictured with Buzz during his party. After a long drive Buzz started to lean...I think the sheer exhaustion from posing with that grin on the long car ride home. It makes my face hurt just thinking about it!

Happiest 4th Birthday to you, Trace. I pray that you were able to build great memories with your family, and that God would supply you all with strength and perseverance for the months and years ahead.

Those are TWO Icing Smiles!!

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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

More Important Than Cakes???

Far too often bloggers write in a way that expertly balances their specialty with just enough reality to hook their readers. That is the nature of writing and I am no different. Cakes are what I do...or at least that is the part I write about. But, I don't plan, sketch, bake, decorate or anything else in a vacuum void of any other life. Sprinkling in just a bit of humor from my week or an abbreviated story about my kids or husband makes my blog readable and believable...without revealing that my real life is often overwhelming, chaotic and very loud. And plus, still pictures look so serene!

What I am about to write is going to crack the facade of my cake world open and expose a bit of who we really are. I feel like it is important for my readers to understand that my work is not all there is to my life...and the life of our family is about to take a very big change.

So, you ask, what is more important than using your creative energy to design elaborate cakes?

Well, my highest priority is to honor God with my actions, words, thoughts...and my whole life. Breaking that down a bit, my values lay in my husband, in my kids, in serving others, and in walking down the path that God has put in front of us. On a day to day basis that means feeding and clothing my family and ensuring that the children haven't killed each other (not literally, of course!) by the time their Daddy gets home from work.

I know, I still haven't gotten to the life change, yet. Soooo...God has always challenged my husband and I to care for those who cannot care for themselves. And adoption has always been an idea that we have been discussing. After four wonderful biological children we kind of forgot about that tug on our hearts. Two years ago, this fall, God touched both of us in the same week, urging us that now was the time to get moving.

Little did we know, four weeks earlier a little boy was born in China...a little boy who's mother couldn't take care of him. She cared enough about him to entrust his precious life into the hands of another family. She swaddled him, pinned a little red note to his blanket stating his birthday, just two days before, and brought him to a safe place. There this little boy has waited until God arranged to bring us together.

Last month we received our PA (or pre-approval) from China which means everything is a go. And now we just wait! Lord willing, by April of next year our little boy, who we will give the American name Joshua, will officially be part of our family. Yay!!

So between now and then there is so much to do. Piles of paperwork and filing forms, planning and packing and cakes?? Um, not my highest priority right now. Well, I should rephrase that...taking orders is not a high priority right now. 

Our family is preparing (and bracing) for the amazing work that God is beginning in us. Our kids have been so mature, well, to the degree and they can selfless and compassionate. It will not be easy for any of us or our new son. So much loss and pain...I cannot begin to imagine. I am scared and overjoyed at the same time.

But, we don't have time to dwell on that. I have cakes to make, right? No, actually, we can go on only because we have complete peace and assurance that the King of the Universe is calling and leading us and will not forsake us, even to the end of the age. He never said life would be without hurt or trials. We already know that. In fact He insisted that we daily take up our cross to follow him...and that doesn't sound like a cushy life to me. That sounds endless, tiring, selfless, devoted. And why? Not for our own gain or gratification. Not for appreciation or recognition from men. And not so we can earn favor from a most holy God. But, we do this for His glory, that the world would see our actions and glorify the name of God.

There is more to life than being comfortable and profitable. And more to life than cakes.


His call.

Our obedience.

Want to help?

Check out our adoption agency's website to learn more about how you can support adoption.

Our kids got this great idea that they wanted to sell their artwork to help raise funds for bringing our son home from China next March. I found them in the garage affixing a sign to a cooler that read, "Artwork- $3.00 to $5.00". A stack of pictures in hand, they begged me to let them set up shop at the end of the driveway. After much dialogue we compromised on turnig the artwork into cards and advertising to a little bit larger audience. If you would like to donate for this cause email me a The artwork on the cards is drawn by the girls of the family...Kate, Annie and myself, with a blank inside. Cards will come in packs of three, including white envelopes. Suggested donation is $5.00.

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Baby Owl Birthday

I thought this sweet baby cake would be a great example to show the process I go through with my clients in designing their cakes. It really isn't anything earth-shattering but the design aspect of cake making is really one of my favorite, I'll share this one with you.

My client emailed me a picture (this is just a detail) of her baby's special quilt, delicately embroidered and appliqued. I loved it from the start! Exactly my style with the vibrant colors, the little curls of the branches, and all the itty bitty animals everywhere. Acorns, a bird's nest, butterflies, ladybugs...all quilted and sweet!

After I gather information on style and size, I sketch out two or three cake designs. Although, I felt like I could have taken this one about 10 completely different directions. I guarded my already divided time and settled on two ideas to present to my client.

Option 1: The hand-painted tree background goes all the way up the cake. This one mostly resembles the quilt. It is delicate with lots of little details. It also looks more like a picture, with the green grass at the bottom and the full tree. All of the leaves, acorns and most animals are then 2-dimensional "quilted" appliques on the tree. The exceptions would be the yellow bird topper, the coral squirrel on the middle level and a few butterflies and dragonflies.

Option 2: This cake is less delicate and more stylized. The tree is only on the bottom tier and is made out of thin swirls of gumpaste, slightly three dimensional, instead of being painted. The larger grey areas have stitching along the edges to duplicate that "quilt" feel. Some small branches and a "1" are wrapped around the second tier. All the elements are flat on the cake except the owl and mushrooms on top and the acorns on the bottom. Another option is to have other small creatures interspersed among the acorns to break up the brown and create interest.

And my client chose...(da, da, da, daaa) Option 2! I think it turned out pretty cute. I ended up placing the little animals around in the acorns. I like how it brightened the browns and tied in the colors from the rest of the cake.

You can see the stitching on the branches and the leaves. I actually did stitching on the animals too. For the acorns I decided on a puffy patterned top with stitching all around, maybe giving the allusion that they are plush, quilted acorns. Why anyone would want plush quilted acorns, I don't know, but it seemed to fit the theme! And I actually really like the effect.

I purposely made the acorns all different sizes so it would look very organic and handmade.

The owl was so adorable! I pressed feather patterns into the wings and belly and added stitching down the "seams". The mushrooms added the perfect touch of whimsy to the baby cake.

Well, that's all, folks! I hope you enjoyed seeing the step by step pictures of this cake design. Maybe I'll have to showcase some gumpaste modeling tutorial pictures sometime. I get so caught up in just getting my cakes finished that I very rarely stop to take pictures. We'll see...

And Happy Birthday, sweet boy!

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Friday, August 31, 2012

Braden Digs His Birthday

So, you all have kept me busy this summer! It is a good thing that I like what I do...well, most of it! I love the design stage. I love taking clients' ideas, pictures, event decor and turning it a complimentary piece of edible art. I love the planning stage, although this is my most stressful step. This is where I go over and over and over in my head every detail that needs to be made and when. Since drying time is so critical the plan needs to be orchestrated perfectly. I also love the creating stage. I can get so absorbed in what I am doing that when I am in the zone several hours could flash past and I wouldn't know it. Which is why the planning stage is so important for me.

Then I get to the not so exciting parts, at least for me. The cutting of the many foam boards, the lining of the pans, the making of the batter, the waiting and waiting for the buttercream to whip, and the washing of the stack of dishes! Sometimes it's enough to make me never want to make another cake again. But then I get to pull out the fondant. And I get to put on all the elements that I so diligently labored over. Once it comes together in the end I decide that I actually do LOVE what I do. (You do know that this is really not what I do...I have four lovely children and they are what I really do!)

Anyway, on to the cake...a dear little boy, Braden, and his grandfather share a birthday. This year the theme is, I bet you can't guess, construction! He wanted a digger and that's about it. His mom helped out with a few more ideas. She wanted it to coordinate with the orange and yellow decorations. She also asked that I make a mini cake for Braden's grandfather with the two of them on top. Simple, but clean and cute...and perfect for a little boy who only really wants the digger!

 Generally, I do figures and big elements like the digger a week ahead so all the piece can dry and then be assembled. Thinner items, like the signs and rocks, I usually do while I am waiting for cakes to bake and buttercream to whip. (It really does take a while for that stuff to get fluffy!)

I am sure that a certain yellow "digger" company in Peoria will be contacting me soon wanting to get their hands on my new arm design! To be honest this prototype has not been field tested yet, but I am willing to sell the rights to the design as is. Sometimes I am so intricately detailed and real-life accuracy is very important to me, but other times I use a lot of artistic license. I love the "2" sign being hoisted up the side. It, also, brings a touch of whimsy to the cake.

An old wooden construction sign, with reflective orange flashers on top. It kind of reminded me of an abandoned gold mine...

Here they are, the construction crew themselves! Love how the hats and vests turned out. If you look closely you can see stitching and pockets on the carpenter jeans. The sign was just an adorable idea from my client. I just realized looking at the picture that I forgot the reflective orange on the flashers! Oops! Well, it's a good thing no one will ever know.

Well, folks, that's about all I've got for this post. Hope you enjoyed the fabulous pictures taken by my fantastic husband. And thanks to the new bulbs he bought me recently our colors for the last few posts have been so vibrant and true! Thanks for reading and have a great long weekend.

And...Happy Birthday, Braden and Pop!
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Friday, August 24, 2012

Black and White Beach Wedding

If you have googled "beach wedding cake" recently you'll probably see a lot of light blue, starfish, clam shells and sand. That might be perfect for someone else but it definitely is not my idea of a wedding cake. So, when my client told me she needed a cake for a beach themed wedding I was nervous. My client's brother and sister-in-law had a destination wedding in Jamaica earlier this month and were having a reception for family and friends now that they have returned. I was much more excited about the cake design when my client told me that I needed to work within the color parameters of black and white.
The design I came up with showcases a billion ruffles on a very tall four-tier cake. Okay, not quite, but it felt like if when I was making it! I wanted it to be narrow and not very tapered so I stacked to 8 inches and topped with two 6 inches. I love how the ruffles really hide the tiers. I envisioned the ruffles giving the cake very organic movement...almost like waves or coral or even a Spanish dancer, a breathtaking animal in the nudibranch family. (YouTube it-nudibranchs are my absolute favorite animals on Earth!)  If you have ever seen a Spanish dancer, fluttering through the crystal sea, waving its ruffles in the calm silence it is quite magnificent. Hopefully I was able to capture the movement along with the delicate serenity.

I then decided on nautilus shells, which I also love. I wanted something that no one else had on their beach cakes...and I wanted it to be bold, so that it would stand out against the abundance of ruffles. Nautilus shells really are reddish-brown and white with black right at the base but I took some artistic license and worked it into our color scheme.

I also chose nautilus shells because, with a little artistic license, I could add lots of curly pieces coming out of the shells. This inspiration comes from the glass artist, Chihuly. He blows brightly colored glass tubes, twirls them, then connects them all together in coral-like arrangements. I would love to do a Chihuly cake! But, these shell curlies are as close as I have come so far.

I love how the light catches on all of the ruffles in this shot. You can see how delicate and alive this cake is. At just under 25 inches tall, this cake has me nervous for the delivery. Heading north a few hours is not what this beach-themed cake was made for! In any case, it turned out beautiful and unique. I am privileged to contribute a part to two people's very special celebration!
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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello Kitty Carnival Birthday

Okay, so my kids play their birthday cakes all years long! On rainy days or on long car rides, they go through stacks of scrap paper drawing elaborate ideas ranging from super secret spy labs to 3D rainbows and clouds. I just go along with it and help them create...their minds change so many times I don't really worry about if it is something I can make or not. Annie had a Hello Kitty Mermaid cake for last year's birthday. I thought she would have moved on to something else by this birthday...but, no...we are still pals with Hello Kitty! This year we had a carnival theme so we tried to tie that all in.

Around the top tier I wrapped a little pink and red pennant string. It was a really simple element to add to a tier. I'll have to remember that for construction cakes too! I placed pink pearls all around the base of that layer, too. For the bottom tier I covered it with red and added pink and white stripes all around. The little pink swags add a theatrical touch to the cake. Another theatrical element was the feather headpiece in front. I tried to match the headpiece on Hello Kitty. I was in a time crunch, here...but it turned out okay.

The Hello Kitty on top was dressed like a circus performer. I love the headpiece with the feathers. A combination of red and pink dress layers adds to the whimsy. Once again Annie insisted that Hello Kitty have a smile. So Hello Kitty got a smile...and so did Annie! Happy 5th Birthday, Annie!

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Frog Kiss Cake

As my husband pointed out last week, I am so privileged to never have made a cake twice! I absolutely love that! My goal when I started this business was to create a place where clients could order a completely custom, one-of-a-kind cake. Even though it may be more challenging because of the learning curve, designing from my clients' diverse ideas and themes is always rewarding.

My client last week was planning a bridal shower for her sister and the theme was: She Kissed a Frog and Found a Prince. So cute! The whole event was centered around frogs was the cake! Here is what we came up with. A frog prince on the top in a tuxedo and holding out a ring box. He is sitting on a lilypad with a small waterlily. Nestled into the lilypads and waterlilies is a scroll tacked up with gold nails which reads, "Kiss Me". More waterlilies and lilypads surround the bottom of the cake. I wanted to keep the colors light, using as much white as possible since it was a bridal shower cake.

I like how it turned out..a little fairytale with a happy ending!

I think my favorite part is the tuxedo and ring box. I have so much fun on all the tiny elements.

The Kiss Me scroll I painted with gold highlighter dust and lemon extract.

Each waterlily is made up of a bout 10 layers of petals, starting with gold, then yellow, and then finishing with white. A little difficult to see in these pictures are the water droplets on all of the lilypads. I placed glucose drops in groups of threes all over. I love the effect!

I hope you all enjoyed the Frog Kiss cake, especially the bride-to-be. I enjoyed working on it! Keep the unique cake themes coming...this really is the definition of custom cakes!

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Friday, August 3, 2012

Flour & Fondant and the World of "Allergy-Free"

I have always taken pride in what my cakes are like on the inside...the actual cake part. My ingredients are whole, fresh, and always natural. That is how I feed my family and the only way I would want to treat my clients. But recently, our family has been through a food revolution. We discovered that my husband is very gluten intolerant, my son has a handful of allergies and intolerances, including soy, yeast, all dairies, gluten, and eggs. Since we are a family, and I have noooo desire to cook per each persons allergies, we decided that we would all eat the same diet. So we are all on a very strict diet that we love. Seriously, the kids tell me all the time they love our food, even if they can't have grilled cheese anymore!

Well, cakes are a kind of big part of our life, obviously. At first I didn't know if we were going to be able to keep making them...the struggles baking and decorating caused were close to unbearable. Now that we have settled in to our new normal, no one really minds much anymore that they don't get scraps for snacks...except for my hubby! So, for that I am thankful.

But what about our special celebrations??? The kids, and my dear husband, are not ready to give up cake for their birthdays. They have had all kinds of extravagant cakes in the past and working on cakes with me is all part of the birthday fun. They have been begging me for months to start experimenting on cakes that they can eat. So with my husband's birthday celebration tonight and my daughter's 5th birthday in two weeks I had to start working!

I am so pleased with this chocolate cake. It is the perfect consistency for covering with fondant. I was concerned that it would be too delicate and crumbly, but it turned out exactly like I had hoped. The cake pictured is for my husband and I filled and covered it with coconut cream and topped with walnuts and chocolate. It is completely gluten free, egg free, soy free, dairy free, and all natural! A year ago I didn't think this would be possible and still be edible, but it is good. REALLY good.

So how will this impact my business, you ask? I really don't know, but we will see where it takes us. I would like to offer up the option for allergy-free cakes, vegan cakes or cakes to meet your dietary needs. The cakes will still be decorated with fondant as always, but the inside will now be edible for those who normally don't get to eat cake. I do not use a separate kitchen or utensils for allergy-free baking, since I only have one kitchen in the cake shop. It works for us and if you think it works for you, give us a try. You may be as surprise as I was.

Word from the kids, "Mom, this is exactly like REAL cake!"

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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Victorian Rose Mini Cake

I have a really special friend, Carole. I met her a few years ago helping out at our local food pantry that she and her husband, Don, organized and ran for like 20 years. They are such servants...always laboring to meet people's physical and spiritual needs. Even though Carole's life has been complicated with advanced MS she never stops reaching out and doing what she can. She rests in her bed and prays for all of the families that take part in the food pantry. She prays for her family. She prays for my family! I am constantly humbled by her perseverance and her Godly attitude.

Well, this week was Carole's birthday. I knew that a cake was a must. I really had no idea what I was going to make. Delicate, feminine, and flowers. I thought about the old "LOVE" stamps with the roses, maybe they still have them, I don't know. And I love making antique doilies and lace appliques, so I thought I'd do a combo and see how it came out.

I chose a very pale green fondant, just enough to tie in the leaves but without having a "green" cake. I rolled out the extra fondant and just started cutting and veining and pressing and layering. Over and over and over again... I added a gumpaste rose and bud, that I had finished earlier, on top and seriously it looked like a Victorian postcard! I am really pleased with how it turned out. Very unique but, delicate, feminine and it had flowers.

You can see the layers of fondant a bit closer here. I was fairly systematic about my placement. As I was working on all the elements I kept thinking about how I would do it differently next time. I think I might draw out a design with all the layers and get everything the way I like it. Then I'd systematically repeat it around the cake. That's not to say that I wouldn't make adjustments but just to have an idea of how I want it layered. It wasn't really difficult except that if I had thought ahead I would have been able to tuck certain layers under for a more integrated effect.Once completely assembled I washed the entire cake in antique white shimmer powder. It really fills in the details and gives the cake a bit on "old glamour".

Carole, (and Don) I hope you enjoyed your special day! Thank you for being an inspiration to me and such a blessing to my family. We love you dearly!! Happy Birthday!

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Friday, June 29, 2012

Puppies for Kate

My little client, Kate, knew what she wanted for her birthday! She loves dogs and actually wants to be a vet when she grows up. Here were the cake requests: hot pink and lavender, puppy theme, and a 3D chocolate lab. She also wanted chocolate cake with cream cheese butter cream. I'd say that Kate got what she ordered!

So from left to right, we have Dachshund, Bulldog, Chocolate Lab, Yorkie, and Bloodhound. Each of the puppies has a toy or bone and the lab sat on a quilted dog pillow. I used paw print elements around the sides and butterflies in various places to sprinkle around the lavender.  Around the bottom I made a dog collar with stitching around the edges and a little tag that read, "KATE". Pink and purple are very difficult colors to work for because they fade so quickly, even when kept out of direct sunlight. I painted the majority of the pink and purple elements to keep their vibrancy.

The Yorkie and Bloodhound...I think they are so cute!

Here are closeups of the other pups. My references for these dogs, and lots of other animals, are real photos and polymer clay pieces. I like to reference polymer clay sculptures because people usually construct the elements with more detail than other mediums. The only dog that is directly from a polymer clay piece is the bulldog, but I thought it was so adorable. See

Well, Kate, I hope you enjoyed your puppy cake and your happy birthday! Pin It

Monday, June 25, 2012

Baby Jack's Ark

Baby shower cakes are always so fun! Everything is cute and soft...and so fun! This, obviously, is a cake with a take on Noah's ark. I like to call it "Jack's Ark" instead. My client brought in designs for her grand baby, Jack's, bedding for reference. It was mostly browns and oranges but we wanted to bring in some light teals too.  

I used all of the animals on the bedding, down to the little fishies around the bottom and the birdies perched various places among the animals. I decided to make the ark a simple round design, for cost reasons, as well as I liked the simplicity of the tiers with more focus on the animals.

I knew from the beginning that I wanted to make a rescue tube on the side. I always like to find creative places to put the client's message. "Jack Allan" fit perfectly on the tube!

I formed little paws and arms for each of the animals. The animal "heads" really looked out of place before, like they were just floating with no bodies. Now I think they look even more childlike, which adds to the adorable nature of baby cakes!

Okay, so the pandas were not pictured in the bedding! But I had to make some more animals to fill the emptiness on the back of ark. I could have done rhinos or cheetahs or tigers or something that made more sense with the safari animals...but the pandas were so cute!  

Finally, I added a little white dove on the top of the cabana. In the Biblical narrative of the Noah when the storm and rains had passed, the dove returned to the ark with branch in its beak. This symbolized new life after the washing of the rains. I love how that relates to us...Even in the midst of storms God gives us a glimpse of his renewal, the new life that only He gives. And sometimes we have the privilege to witness that in the life of a precious new child. Baby Jack, may God bless your little life, and may you one day understand the washing that was done for you so that you may receive renewed life through Jesus.
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Friday, June 1, 2012

What's Grillin'?

What do you get when you have a "grilling out"-themed couples baby shower and the daddy's birthday all at the same party?? The Grill Cake...

The colors were, obviously, yellow and grey and chevrons were to be incorporated. Oh, did those chevrons give me problems!! This was a rush order, too, so many things that I usually do 5 days ahead had to be done the day before. But, it turned out cutesy enough to be on display at a baby shower all the while gently declaring, "man".

I wanted to set the grill on something so it wasn't so lonely on top. We settled on a weathered grey deck. I think it turned out well. I love the nails...I actually always love doing nails! I do them every chance I get because I think it adds such nice dimension. On the charcoal bag I used the spaces for the labels to write, "Happy Birthday, Sam". Any other time I would have made a bag with more charcoal-bag colors like red and blue, but I didn't want that to distract from the color scheme we had going. On to the food! The burgers and hot dogs took 10 seconds to make and I think they are my favorite part!

I extended the deck to the base of the cake for some added detail. I know the chevrons are already plenty of detail...but I wanted to balance out the busyness on the top. I couldn't resist adding this neoprene and yellow quilted BBQ mitt. I even made little stitching around the bottom! It was really cute!

Happy Birthday, Sam! And congratulation on the baby! Pin It

Hawaiian Sweet 16

I love that I can do what I do (make cakes, among other things) while supporting a cause that helps save lives! Last year I had the honor of donating a silent auction gift certificate for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation Gala in Peoria. And the winner is...a very sweet girl, Emily, who turns 16!

Emily had her idea all ready...she wanted Hawaiian hibiscus flowers and a turtle somewhere. We waffled between purple and blue-green, but eventually landed with the washed up sea foam for the backdrop for the flowers. I am so happy with her choice! Though she didn't need a three tiered cake, we both really liked the look. I made the top tier out of foam so that Emily can have the effect of a big cake and keep part of it for the memories!

I love the blue bamboo beachy but pretty and delicate too. I used "tiki"-style letters to write the birthday message, complete with little nails. I needed something to make the sign pop so I added the pink and orange hibiscus on the corner.

This little sea turtle is adorable! I wanted to incorporate the flowers and Hawaii into the design. I found a clip art drawing on a similar design and thought it would fit perfectly. I love how it turned out!

Well, Emily, I hope you have an amazing Sweet 16!
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