Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Hello Kitty Carnival Birthday

Okay, so my kids play their birthday cakes all years long! On rainy days or on long car rides, they go through stacks of scrap paper drawing elaborate ideas ranging from super secret spy labs to 3D rainbows and clouds. I just go along with it and help them create...their minds change so many times I don't really worry about if it is something I can make or not. Annie had a Hello Kitty Mermaid cake for last year's birthday. I thought she would have moved on to something else by this birthday...but, no...we are still pals with Hello Kitty! This year we had a carnival theme so we tried to tie that all in.

Around the top tier I wrapped a little pink and red pennant string. It was a really simple element to add to a tier. I'll have to remember that for construction cakes too! I placed pink pearls all around the base of that layer, too. For the bottom tier I covered it with red and added pink and white stripes all around. The little pink swags add a theatrical touch to the cake. Another theatrical element was the feather headpiece in front. I tried to match the headpiece on Hello Kitty. I was in a time crunch, here...but it turned out okay.

The Hello Kitty on top was dressed like a circus performer. I love the headpiece with the feathers. A combination of red and pink dress layers adds to the whimsy. Once again Annie insisted that Hello Kitty have a smile. So Hello Kitty got a smile...and so did Annie! Happy 5th Birthday, Annie!

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