Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Frog Kiss Cake

As my husband pointed out last week, I am so privileged to never have made a cake twice! I absolutely love that! My goal when I started this business was to create a place where clients could order a completely custom, one-of-a-kind cake. Even though it may be more challenging because of the learning curve, designing from my clients' diverse ideas and themes is always rewarding.

My client last week was planning a bridal shower for her sister and the theme was: She Kissed a Frog and Found a Prince. So cute! The whole event was centered around frogs and...so was the cake! Here is what we came up with. A frog prince on the top in a tuxedo and holding out a ring box. He is sitting on a lilypad with a small waterlily. Nestled into the lilypads and waterlilies is a scroll tacked up with gold nails which reads, "Kiss Me". More waterlilies and lilypads surround the bottom of the cake. I wanted to keep the colors light, using as much white as possible since it was a bridal shower cake.

I like how it turned out..a little fairytale with a happy ending!

I think my favorite part is the tuxedo and ring box. I have so much fun on all the tiny elements.

The Kiss Me scroll I painted with gold highlighter dust and lemon extract.

Each waterlily is made up of a bout 10 layers of petals, starting with gold, then yellow, and then finishing with white. A little difficult to see in these pictures are the water droplets on all of the lilypads. I placed glucose drops in groups of threes all over. I love the effect!

I hope you all enjoyed the Frog Kiss cake, especially the bride-to-be. I enjoyed working on it! Keep the unique cake themes coming...this really is the definition of custom cakes!

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