Monday, May 21, 2012

The Fightin' Irish!

I love new challenges...and this was a challenge! My client asked for a cake for her son, who was graduating from Notre Dame University in South Bend, Indiana. She wanted something "leprechaun" and "Notre Dame" all in one. We came up with the iconic Golden Dome, with the leprechaun mascot clinging onto the side.

The dome was an octagon, which was not easy to get even a little symmetrical! I put a round blue base under the dome with the ND logo. "Patrick-2012" was on the bronze banner in front, complete with a little green clover.

The Fightin' Irish...he did look mean! I wish he wasn't so mean, but I couldn't really have a sweet, happy-faced leprechaun. My favorite parts are the curled coat tails and his shoes!

Okay, actually my favorite part was that my client's son requested that the cake be "fun-fetti" flavor inside! I always work so diligently to use fresh, all-natural ingredients and then I tossed in a handful neon confetti pieces, flecking my perfect white cake with the most unnatural greens, pinks, and yellows! Men!

Patrick, I hope you enjoyed your confetti-compromised cake and had a wonderful graduation party! Congratulations!!
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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Happy Nesting!

So...real life has an amazing way of taking over your life, doesn't it? I hate to say it but I have had to actually turn down cakes this spring because I had more important things in real life going on! The most ironic part of life recently is that some of our family members were diagnosed with over a dozen food allergies, including eggs, all dairy, yeast, soy, wheat! Since these are crucial cake and real life ingredients I had to do some major rethinking in the baking and cooking department. We went back to basic survival skills...gathering berries and eating nuts, but I am proud to say that I now have some pretty good allergy-free recipes down!

I was thrilled when I felt settled enough in our new normal to finally accept a cake order! One of my favorite clients ordered a baby shower cake for a friend. I call it "Happy Nesting"...

We went with a blossoming branch topped with a Momma bird and egg snuggled down in their nest. I had made the bird white with pale pink and brown accents but the top needed more weight. I decided to go darker with slightly iridescent hues to bring out a delicate elegance.  The pink pearl-y egg is lightly speckled, perfect for a spring baby girl. A small wooden plaque with a curled piece of paper reads, "Happy Nesting".

A few small feathers peak out from between the nesting material. I love adding these "soft" elements to birds nests, which are especially cozy for a baby shower. And, of course, I had to add some flowers around the nest and the base of the cake.

I love flowers and birds...and branches, too...and I love the way this all came together. It was a relaxing and refreshing way to return to my cake life! Pin It