Friday, June 1, 2012

What's Grillin'?

What do you get when you have a "grilling out"-themed couples baby shower and the daddy's birthday all at the same party?? The Grill Cake...

The colors were, obviously, yellow and grey and chevrons were to be incorporated. Oh, did those chevrons give me problems!! This was a rush order, too, so many things that I usually do 5 days ahead had to be done the day before. But, it turned out cutesy enough to be on display at a baby shower all the while gently declaring, "man".

I wanted to set the grill on something so it wasn't so lonely on top. We settled on a weathered grey deck. I think it turned out well. I love the nails...I actually always love doing nails! I do them every chance I get because I think it adds such nice dimension. On the charcoal bag I used the spaces for the labels to write, "Happy Birthday, Sam". Any other time I would have made a bag with more charcoal-bag colors like red and blue, but I didn't want that to distract from the color scheme we had going. On to the food! The burgers and hot dogs took 10 seconds to make and I think they are my favorite part!

I extended the deck to the base of the cake for some added detail. I know the chevrons are already plenty of detail...but I wanted to balance out the busyness on the top. I couldn't resist adding this neoprene and yellow quilted BBQ mitt. I even made little stitching around the bottom! It was really cute!

Happy Birthday, Sam! And congratulation on the baby! Pin It

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