Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy Graduation, Happy Birthday and Off-to-College Cake!

This cake is as custom as you can get! I loved working out the details with my clients to make this cake (or these cakes!) perfect for a graduation-birthday-off-to-college cake for their daughter. It is fun when clients have ideas of their own to bring to the table. These clients had so much input into the design that I should have paid them for the consultation! I think working out the details is almost as fun as seeing the end product.

So, there is a path that Morgan has been on that has taken her through high school. There she was on the women's golf team and was involved in the marching band as a drummer. All through high school she took Latin, which lead her to spend the entire summer in Italy studying culture and language. Now, Morgan's path takes her up the ribbon of the birthday cake where she sits ready to make the leap over to the next cake. Her rope is tied to the St. Louis arch that towers over the symbol of her Pharmacology College that she will attend this fall.
There is a LOT going on with these cakes! But it all has significance to my clients, and that is what "custom cakes" are all about. And, I think it came together pretty nicely!
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