Thursday, August 18, 2011

To El Paso Or Bust

These clients are very dear to me and it was very difficult to make this cake for their Send-Off party. I really had to try not to think about these precious children while I shaped each of them, and made clothes out of their favorite colors. I had to try not to cry and I painted the toenails of their dear Mommy. As I put the sunglasses and the beret on their Daddy all I could think about is how proud I am of the step they are taking following where they are called. I will miss you all so much! 

As part of the Ordinance Corps with the US Army, my client will be maintaining Bradley Fighting Vehicles. That is the vehicle I made here. Or tried to...there is only so much information that Google has on military vehicles. So, some of it is not entirely accurate, but I think it makes the point just fine!

Anyway, God bless you and make His face shine upon you so that you radiate joy that only comes from Him.
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