Friday, October 21, 2011

The Birthday Artist...

I have a faithful blog follower, Carmen, who turned 11 this week! Her mom called me and said that Carmen really wanted to place an order for a brithday cake. She decided on an "artist" cake with a palate and paintbrush and wanted neon paint colors. Also, she really wanted to help decorate! Of course I always like my clients to be involved in their cake designs but I rarly have this much involvment. And as a surprise to Carmen I am posting her creation on my blog...thanks for being a faithful blog reader, Carmen!

We covered the cake with a drop cloth covered in paint. I made a little easel with a canvas that Carmen painted.

On top we placed the palate with paints and a gumpaste paintbrush. Carmen thought it was real, but, no, it is edible...

My budding artist, Carmen painting her canvas...Happy 11th Birthday, Carmen!!
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