Thursday, October 20, 2011

Tea Party!

This unique cake was made as a gift for a very special person who loves Polish pottery. Dessert plates, serving dishes, teapots...and bubble mugs. So round, to fit perfectly warm and snug in your hand. The hand painted designs range from very traditional stamped patterns to this type of free painted floral design.  This pattern happens to be her very favorite design.

A "lace" table cloth was pressed into the fondant base to add an elegant touch to this mini-cake. The floating tea bag has a tag that reads "Sugar & Spice", which my clients promptly picked up to see, forgetting that it was made of gumpaste!

The Tea Party cake is joined by another Polish poppy bubble mug and a traditional design teapot. I also had a silver tea spoon that sat right in front of the bubble mug but it did not make it into the pictures.
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